1997 SIGACT Distinguished Service Prize

1997 SIGACT Distinguished Service Prize
David S. Johnson

The 1997 SIGACT Distinguished Service Prize is awarded to David S. Johnson.

David Johnson has shown selfless dedication and personal initiative in serving the Computer Science Theory community. His contributions have touched us in every way.

Starting as the SIGACT treasurer and then as SIGACT chair through two terms (1987-91), he has molded the organization into the effective force it is today. He has been a driving force behind the formation of the SODA conference and in making STOC a keystone of the FCRC conference. It was David who pushed for, and helped establish the Gödel Prize. He personally created the FOCS/STOC bibliography, and the genealogy of our field. He has been active as an ACM Council member, and as the NP-completeness column editor in the Journal of Algorithms. And, of course, he "wrote the book" on NP-completeness.

David has played a wide-ranging role in the development of DIMACS, as a member of its Executive Committee, in getting its post-doc program started, and as a co-director of the Special Year on Networks. Furthermore, David was the founder of the DIMACS algorithm implementation challenge, which served to bring more experimentation into our field.

David Johnson is always there to guide young theoreticians, and always there to do what he can for the field. He is truly a role model with his multidimensional achievements.

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