1999 ACM-SIGACT Distinguished Service Prize

1999 ACM-SIGACT Distinguished Service Prize
Fred S. Roberts

The 1999 SIGACT Distinguished Service Prize is presented to Fred Roberts for his visionary and stalwart leadership of The NSF Center for Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science (DIMACS). DIMACS has been of tremendous value to the Theoretical Computer Science Community and much of this success stems from Fred's tireless efforts in shepherding DIMACS through a multitude of challenges.

Fred was one of the founding fathers of DIMACS and has served DIMACS in many roles, culminating in his assuming the directorship in 1996. Fred also organized the special years on computational biology at DIMACS, which are considered to be among the center's greatest successes.

Fred is widely noted for his service and dedication to the DIMACS cause, for his open-mindedness, and for his ability to overcome difficult challenges. Through his efforts with DIMACS, he has truly had a significant positive impact on our community.

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