2004 ACM-SIGACT Distinguished Service Prize

2004 ACM-SIGACT Distinguished Service Prize
Rockford J. Ross

The 2004 SIGACT Distinguished Service Prize is awarded to Rockford J. Ross, for ihis long-standing service to the theoretical computer science community.

His tenure in charge of the Education Forum at SIGACT News has exceeded all expectations in length and breadth and has out-lasted at least three Editors. Rocky has been known by all who have worked with him for his alacrity and tireless reliability. He has consistently chosen subjects of interest to a broad computer science audience. His contributions have been impeccably prepared, and infused with wit, insight, wonder and the texture of his own unique character. It is often overheard that Rocky's column is the first one to be read with each new issue. In fact his ever-colorful by-line from the wilderness of Montana has become a well-loved hallmark of SIGACT News.

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