2006 ACM-SIGACT Distinguished Service Prize

2006 ACM-SIGACT Distinguished Service Prize
Tom Leighton

The 2006 SIGACT Distinguished Service Prize is awarded to Tom Leighton, for ihis long-standing service to the theoretical computer science community.

In addition to a distinguished research career, Tom Leighton has contributed outstanding service to our field in general and to SIGACT in particular. During Tom's tenure as SIGACT Chair from 1993-1997, the current set of SIGACT awards was endowed and the SPAA conference was started. Tom was Editor-in-Chief of JACM from 1991-1997, and has served on the editorial boards of over a dozen journals. He has been a member of thirty program committees, including chairing FOCS 1987 and STOC 1999, and was Local Arrangements Chair for FOCS 1991.

Tom has served on over two dozen advisory and review committees, including SIGACT's Distinguished Service Award Committee and the Kannelakis Prize Award Committee, as well as the NSF CISE Advisory Board. He chaired the PITAC (President's Information Technology Advisory Committee) subcommittee on Cyber Security. Its 2005 report to the President urged radical increases in federal funding for research in this area. Tom Leighton receives the 2006 SIGACT Distinguished Service Award for over 25 years of outstanding service to the field of theoretical computer science.

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