2014 ACM-SIGACT Distinguished Service Prize
Lance Fortnow

The 2014 SIGACT Distinguished Service Prize is awarded to Lance Fortnow.

As Chair of CCC and SIGACT, founding editor of the ACM Transactions on Computation Theory, and creator of the Computational Complexity weblog, Lance has enriched the TCS community and increased its presence in the outside world.

Lance chaired the Steering Committee of the IEEE Conference on Computational Complexity (CCC) for a record six years, after being a member for five years. As chair he started the tradition of periodically co-locating CCC with STOC, leading to some of the best-attended instances of both conferences.

As Vice-Chair and then Chair of SIGACT, Lance spearheaded creation of the ACM Transactions on Computation Theory (ToCT). This journal filled a gap in ACM's offerings, and took another step away from for-profit publishers. Lance served as founding Editor-in-Chief and established the journal's high publication standards.

As SIGACT Chair Lance enhanced communication by starting a Twitter feed, and initiated experimentation with the STOC program to align with evolving TCS research trends.

Lance served four years as editor of the Computational Complexity Column in the Bulletin of the EATCS. This led to the Computational Complexity weblog, started in August 2002. Its ongoing columns such as Favorite Theorems, Complexity Class of the Week, and Complexity Year in Review offer a broad perspective of the field. This blog, and many others that followed, changed the way our field communicates, both with itself and with the outside world. Reaching out further, Lance's recent book, The Golden Ticket: P, NP, and the Search for the Impossible, was one of Amazon.com's Best Science Books for 2013.

This award recognizes Lance's boundless energy as advocate for the computational complexity community and TCS at large.

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Last updated Mon Jul 28 2014