Past Editors of SIGACT News

Past Editors

The following people have served as the Editor of SIGACT News since its inception in 1969.
  1. Jurg Nievergelt, 1969-1970 (issues 1-6). Issue 1 was dated April 1969 and was entitled "SICACT News" since we were a Special Interest Committee at that time. The Editor was Jurg Nievergelt of the University of Illinois. The issue includes a review of the Minsky-Papert Perceptron book by him, as well as a description of "Automata Theory at Illinois." There is also a Chairman's column from Pat Fischer and a report on SWAT 1968 by Raymond Yeh. Issue 4 announced that conversion to SIGACT (a promotion from Committee to Group) has been approved. Issue 5 or 6 (?) was the first to be called SIGACT News.
  2. Larry Reeker, 1970-1978 (issues 7-38). Larry (Ohio State) took over with Issue 7 (September 1970) The first 10 issues had white plain paper covers. With Issue 11 a major step toward respectability occurred with the introduction of a thick pale green cover that remained standard throughout the 70's. Larry continued as Editor through Issue 38 (Vol 10:1, Spring 1978). Larry took the job traveling with him, however, moving to University of Oregon for issue 20 (5:3, July 1973), and to the University of Arizona for issue 28 (7:3, Summer 1975).
  3. Emily Friedman, 1978-1982 (issues 39-49). Emily (UCLA) took over as Editor with Issue 39 (10:2, Summer 1978 Late), moving to Hughes Aircraft with issue 46 (13:1, Winter 1981). Her last issue was 49 (14:2, Spring 1982).
  4. Meera Blattner, 1982-1984 (issues 50-56). Meera (UC Davis/Livermore) took over as Editor with Issue 50 (14:3, Summer 1982) and the newsletter took on a bright orange hue. Meera served through Issue 56 (16:2 Summer 1984). [Issues 52 through 56 did not display issue numbers.]
  5. Victor Miller, 1984-1987 (issues 57-67). Victor (IBM Yorktown Heights) took over as Editor with Issue 57 (16:3 Fall 1984), serving through Issue 67 (19:1, Fall 1987).
  6. Mike Langston, 1988-1991 (issues 68-79). Mike (Washington State) took over with Issue 68 (19:2, Summer 1988), serving through Issue 79 (22:2, Spring 1991), with a move to University of Tennessee as of Issue 72 (20:3, Summer 1989).
  7. Ian Parberry, 1991-2002 (issues 80-124). Ian (University of North Texas) became Editor with Issue 80 (22:3, Summer 1991), serving through Issue 124 (33:3, September 2002). He oversaw two changes timed to coincide with the Centennial Issue (Issue 100): The cover changed from orange to glossy white (with orange trim to provide some continuity with the old cover), and the Online version of SIGACT News became operational. On his resignation in September 2002, Ian had served as SIGACT News Editor for more than one third of the issues published to date, outserving the previous longest serving Editor (Larry Reeker) by 3 years and 13 issues.
  8. David Haglin 2002-2005 (issues 125-137).
  9. Rocky Ross 2006-2008.
  10. Brendan Mumey 2008-2015.

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