ACM Special Interest Group on Algorithms and Computation Theory

2019 SIGACT Distinguished Service Award to be presented to Rebecca Wright

ACM SIGACT presents its 2019 Distinguished Service Award to Rebecca Wright for her 11-year leadership of DIMACS, particularly in continuing and expanding the research and educational missions of DIMACS, for promoting diversity in computer science, and for using her expertise in privacy and security to help shape public policy on a national level.

2019 Knuth Prize Awarded to Avi Wigderson

The 2019 Knuth Prize is awarded to Avi Wigderson for fundamental and lasting contributions to the foundations of computer science in areas including randomized computation, cryptography, circuit complexity, proof complexity, parallel computation, and our understanding of fundamental graph properties. Avi has been invited to give a lecture at STOC 2019.

2019 Gödel Prize Awarded to Irit Dinur

The 2019 Gödel Prize is awarded to Irit Dinur for her proof of the PCP Theorem in the paper The PCP theorem by gap amplification, Journal of the ACM, Vol 54 (3), Article 12, 2007 (preliminary version in the proceedings of the 38th Symposium on Theory of Computing, STOC 2006). See here for the full prize citation. Congratulations, Irit!

SIGACT Membership Drive

As our research community continues to grow and thrive, SIGACT membership has not grown apace. We respectfully urge you to join SIGACT! Membership is very cheap (and does not require ACM membership) – only \$15 a year – and by joining you will be lending your support to the many activities that SIGACT undertakes on behalf of the theoretical computer science research community. These include:

  • sponsoring STOC and other theory conferences such as SPAA and PODC, as well as co-sponsoring SODA;

  • awards such as the Knuth, Gödel, and Kanellakis Prizes, the SIGACT Distinguished Service Award, and the best student paper awards at STOC and SODA;

  • supporting the Women in Theory workshop;

  • representing the theoretical computer science community to the ACM and beyond.

In addition to these community benefits, membership comes with individual benefits including voting rights in SIGACT elections, reduced rate for membership in EATCS, reduced conference registration rates at SIGACT-sponsored conferences, access to SIGACT News and announcements sent on the SIGACT email list.

SIG membership does not automatically renew when you renew your ACM membership, and we suspect this may be one reason for the decline in SIGACT membership. So the next time you renew your ACM membership, remember to also join SIGACT or renew your SIG membership! Better yet, why wait? If you’re not a SIGACT member, join right now.

Please do your part to nurture this important resource for our community.

The SIGACT Executive Committee
    Samir Khuller
    Eric Allender
    Shuchi Chawla
    Nicole Immorlica
    Bobby Kleinberg

SIGACT Distinguished Service Award Prize Increase

The prize for the ACM SIGACT Distinguished Service Award was increased from \$1000 to \$3000. A call for nominations will be announced shortly.

SIGACT Research Highlights Committee

The goal of the SIGACT Research Highlights Committee is to help promote top computer science theory research via identifying results that are of high quality and broad appeal to the general computer science audience. These results would then be recommended for consideration for the Research Highlights section as well as other general–audience computer science research outlets.

Nomination and Selection Process

The committee solicits two types of nominations:

  1. Conference nominations. Each year, the committee will ask the PC chairs of theoretical computer science conferences to send a selection of up to three top papers from these conferences (selected based on both their technical merit and breadth of interest to non-theory audience) and forwarding them to the committee for considerations.

  2. Community nominations. The committee will accept nominations from the members of the community. Each such nomination should summarize the contribution of the nominated paper and also argue why this paper is suitable for broader outreach. The nomination should be no more than a page in length and can be submitted at any time by emailing it to Self-nominations are discouraged.

The Committee

The SIGACT Research Highlights Committee currently comprises the following members:

Report on combating harassment and discrimination

The following message is from Sandi Irani, the chair of the ad hoc committee to combat harassment and discrimination in the Theory of Computing community.

A copy of the final report of the committee to address harassment in our community is now posted on the committee web page.

As always, feedback is welcome.